Been doing some quilting

One woman in Vermont named Jane Stickle, made a quilt during the Civil War. She signed and dated her quilt so we could find her! Another brilliant woman, Brenda Papadakis, was inspired  in 1996 to write a book about Jane and her quilt. She called the book Dear Jane.                        This was the book that inspired me to learn so much about quilting.

These blocks are from a swap that I did with quilters around the world in the Dear Jane list in 2006. This is just the center. I have a bunch more blocks which are set in a square in a square setting which will be added around this square. These blocks have been in a bag since the swap. To be fair I did a lot of swaps and made two other full size quilts with them.

Baby sized quilt made today with blocks from DJ Group Spring Fling – they have been in the bag for 10 years. How is that possible?

These next two are quilts that I also made with the blocks from the Jane Stickle Quilt. Many are swapped block and many are not. One was given to one of my dear daughters and the other one is in Virginia my father’s home.

I have made many other quilts using swapped blocks and made many friends world-wide and many of us still keep in touch via social media. I have also been delighted to meet some of them in person from as far away as Denmark and Norway and as close as Long Island. We are all connected by our love of stitching and the Jane Stickle quilt.