Book of Kells: letter ‘A’ 125r


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.18.09 AM
Book of Kells letter A
Work in progress. I did a pencil drawing of the letter A copied from the Trinity College app on my iPad. The app is a lovely thing to behold. Every page of the Book of Kells is in it and many are annotated.

Then imported it into Pixelmator , which I am using to digitally paint it. The technology we use would have amazed those scribes! Love that we can see what was written on the pages ( including the errors!) by monks 500 yrs ago ( give or take) and find it just as beautiful and inspiring as they did.

Maybe it will become a quilt block. Who knows.

These colors are not the final colors and will no doubt be changed a dozen times or more. Stay tuned…