In between things

We are digging in the garden, replanting and planning where to put our little blow up pool for the kids. ( I confess it is really for us.) We went to the garden center, Peconic River Herb Farm

Peconic River Herb Farm, Riverhead, NY

and bought some plantlings and some seeds to cast. I love nasturium flowers. They are edible and can grow in pots or garden beds so I plant them everywhere. And they are so pretty. For a couple of bucks for the seeds they give a lot of flower power.


I finished a nice encaustic piece which I can’t show until it is received by its new owner. But I think it will be a keeper. Now I want to make more.

I continue to stitch and plan. Soon I will have my indigo pot set up outside and I have some linen to dunk. Then I can sew it up into some tops for the summer. I don’t mind being blue. I prewashed some red fabric today which bled terribly and I wonder if I will include it in the appliqué of reds and greens. I need a new pattern. I am contemplating a whig rose, a wreath maybe. I might do machine applique but worry that it may be inconsistent.

I am grateful to have such problems to ponder.