IMG_1676 - Version 2

at the end of the journey

a calm descends

small gifts are acknowledged in

 the book of your life.

larger omissions are sewn shut

like skin that covers a bone

some neatly with small even stitches

others not so much

perhaps it would heal

given time

leaving only a small scar

a memory that skips the surface of the water

like a stone thrown by a boy who smells like sweat and wind and summer

who has yet to learn of his deficiencies

written in braille on the trail head.









  1. Loved this one. The stitching, some fine, some not so, is exquisite! Great image with this too. I believe the second line has an extra ‘of’ you might want to delete.


  2. I had a character tell someone once that scars and secrets had a lot in common because some things hurt too much to share. Large omissions sewn shut. Nice.


      1. I find they often tell me things I didn’t know, and their timing is always so much better than my own. Talk about imaginary friends…


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