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scary doll 

Just yesterday Kathleen Dames, knitwear designer in NYC, ‘did a Periscope’ wherein she showed her audience her recently purchased books. One of these books was an adorable book about Jane Austen Knitted dolls. If you know me for long you will know that I have been known to make dolls. Of course, I went straight to Amazon, right there in the middle of the Periscope, and bought the book, because one can not have too many books with patterns that include a bird bath for ones knitted bird, or dueling knitted men in breeches complete with swords.

I kiddeth you not.

Gail Wilson Deisgn Dolls, with oil paint faces

I don’t think I really played with dolls much when I was a child. I do not recall any favorites and in any case they would have been lost in the current, so to speak. I did not actually toss them in a river, but be that as it may…

Mimi Kirchner pattern (from Purl Soho Website)  on left and and another Gail Wilson Kit on the right. 


The merwoman tail is made from a sample I stitched in an Alabama Chanin workshop in Beacon NY some years ago. She now presides over my sewing cave. The Merwoman. Not Ms. Chanin. I am unworthy. (Insert genuflection.)

I have also made some knitted creations from the Susan B. Anderson patterns for dolls. I have made three and all attempts to keep them have been foiled by my kids and grand sons. No matter, they are like potato chips: can’t have just one.  More will be made. Grand son two is waiting for his ginger version.