Casting on, and knitting rabbit holes

I love the way  the words ‘cast on’ sound. Kind of like sailing words, a new adventure on the high seas of knitting. Every new project is a a journey, full of promise and hope  and some trepidation- will I be able to do this? will it look good? will they love it? do they know how much work this is? Also full of danger and thrills – do I have enough yarn? can I do this in time?

Will I ever finish it?

I cast on for the Houlland Shawl designed by Donna Smith from Kate Davies newest book on Haps. It is a delightful book if you are a knitter with any interest in Haps (wraps) or wool or Shetland knitting, or beautiful pictures or lovely knitters. Or anyone.

houlland cast on
Houlland cast on

I chose the Houlland because of the beautiful elegant lace and because I could use some bits of yarn I have left over from other things. I am going rogue a little bit on the yarn choice because I run that way. I am using fingering in different blues and grays maybe, and maybe a tiny bit of cream.  I have so much yarn and I am really trying to use up what I have.

So far I have done ok with my ayrn diet, but there have been a couple of slips, and new stash has been acquired. It is no mistake that is is called stash. Ahem. It is a yarn balance thing. Some old. Some new. But in my own defense I did use it right away to make a hat for Mike and a pair of socklets for the Mason Dixon Knitting  KAL back in March. Okay! Okay! I just finished those socks. But they are finished. And I bought another sock pattern for which I thought I had bought more yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Art but as the weeks went by and no new sock yarn arrived I realized that I had never actually pushed the button on the sale and did not buy it. It languished, forgotten, in the virtual shopping cart. And then reason prevailed and I realized that A. I have a multitude of sock yarn skeins- Mult. I. Tude. and B. I am underemployed and have run out of hiding places to store the yarn. So.

I finished a sweater for Katy for her birthday using yarn I had stashed for a long time. Knitted in Shelter by BrooklynTweed,  the sweater was Waipi’o by Kristen Tendyke and it was a fun fast knit and great for some one like me who needs and yearns for fast knits. And all that ribbing is just lovely on a shapely body.  And I mentioned it was quick. Top down and seamless. I finished it in two weeks of monogamous knitting. I have learned  about myself that I like to make things that I can finish in a week or two, or I lose interest. There is nothing as tragic as an AdHd adult in a yarn store. Of course there are many things more tragic, but you get the pic.

All this is by way of saying that I am owed a new project. I deserve it. No matter that I have two blankets and two sweaters on the needles that I really do want to finish. Just not right this minute. Kay Gardiner reminds us that Rhinebeck , AKA New York Sheep and Wool Festival, is right around the corner in October; just a few months. I will finish one of those sweaters before that weekend in October, when all Northeastern knitters converge in a frenzy of wooly love, as Yarn is my witness! And right after that is my sixtieth birthday!! But that is another post. A whole nuther post.

In case you are wondering, I am not knitting actual rabbit holes, with bunnies in them, but giving them to you in the form of fabulous and legendary yarn links. You are welcome.



  1. Loved hearing you on woman’s hour this morning. I use knitting to help me manage clinical depression. So it was fantastic to hear your story of recovery and managing your health.


    1. Hi I’m glad you enjoyed the topic but I was not on the show😳. Must have been another knitter. Were you listening to the show with Kate Davies? Best of luck to you!!


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