Masterclass anyone?

When I saw that Aaron Sorkin was giving a class on the Masterclass platform, it took me about thirty seconds to sign up. I am not a screenwriter, barely a novelist, but his movies, particularly “A Few Good Men,” have resonated with me. So I took the leap, paid the money and dived in.

Well not exactly. More like lowering myself slowy into the water.  I have been taking my time with each segment, watching it two or three times and also actually doing the assignments. So far this has meant reading articles and watching a movie. Easy, right?

I am more hesitant about actually doing the writing assignments because I have never written a screenplay, or any kind of play.  I am taking lots of notes and making lists, and even found a book about writitng screenplays from a few years back, and soon I will do a practice one. I promise.

Maybe I will put it here, so you can all have a good laugh. But I will tell you one thing, or two if you hang around. The only way you ever do anything is to do it. As outrageous and impossible as it may appear, and (2) I will never be ashamed of being new at something. On the contrary, I consider it a blessing.