selling things

I have a really hard time selling my work. Maybe I don’t value it enough? Maybe I value it too much? Maybe because the work comes from a different place than work.
I don’t mind giving it to the right person, when there is a connection.
And. And is another good word.

Think about this after reading  Jude’s Blog Spiritcloth. Reading the comments and the thoughts about words.

People always tell me that I should sell my stuff. That it has value. And I agree that it has value, but I am almost certain that the value is not monetary, not measurable.

Because for me the issue is not in letting it go, but in measuring the value. I have always resisted measurement as the only indicator of true value. anyway I am burrowing deep into a rabbithole here. Another one.  I think I will leave the internet and go write real words on paper for a while.