We all scream for Ice cream!

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And we stir


Jini and I have an infinite capacity to fantasise about our food dreams, of a midnight dessert food truck, of being paid to travel and discover secret recipes, of food and art exhibitions we will organise, and believe me, Jini has her food show host voice ready for a shoot and I have already chosen my outfit for the book launch. When we meet we enter a happy, great smelling food world of our own making

So as you will imagine, our spirits sunk badly on a day of two failed recipes. We had one baking tin full of oily, greasy chocolate fudge and another tin of fudge that was too salty and too sweet at the same time! In the middle of the grumbling and the whining about the time, energy and ingredients we had wasted, Jini suddenly said “Ice cream.” I thought it was a suggestion for us…

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