you are beautiful

all of your flawed furious unstoppable selves

all of your self doubt and self loathing and fears are groundless

you are floating in a medium of unspeakable beauty


unfathomable consciousness

our connections to each other 

are no less than the gossamer threads of angels light

allowing us to be

and be loved 

as we are

we are loved and love

who we are now

all of our pain and sorrow

all of our alone ness and fear of failure

and all of our fury 


shed like a sad skin

peeled like an orange

to reveal our inner beauty

and all the while 

as you are revealing your inner layer 

you are leaving behind the scent of your beauty your 

fragrant inner life force

instantly recognizable

and you are home 

right where you are 

you belong

wherever you are

this is what makes us beautiful

this is it

not the outer shell that fools worship and discard

but the soft and shaky real you

you are all beautiful