jan 30 2016

now that we have conquered nature

as it were

and stand uneasily amongst ourselves

limply holding the reins

eyes seeking to meet each other and then quickly looking away

what now?

do we derive to sustain us in this hall of mirrors

and only in our dreams do we meet each other

as we once were

only in the night of the unconscious

do we ascertain the the danger

and the approach of passion –

like lying on a landing strip as the beast

roars above you

landing or leaving it did not matter

only the huge shuddering of a body that revealed you

thrilling and

shattering your claim to self sufficiency

and in the aftermath

the only thing you can remember is the smell of the fumes burning your nose and the thrumming of your ears as you struggle to recover from the noise of it.

in the realm of present currency

we would do well to dwell in this dream,

where souls are all of one and each other

and not derived from this

morass of self identification

impugned on shards of silvered glass.