aquiesce~from Latin acquiescere, from ad- ‘to, at’ + quiescere ‘to rest.’

Inside, we don’t feel so old,

although our children are (mostly) grown

and their conversations amongst themselves seem banal.

We still wear the same clothes

think the same thoughts-

The same feelings seize our nervous systems & flood our cells

with the same hormones-

some more than others.

And then on one occasion

or more than one occasion,

we are passers by, or

in,  the ebb and flow

of our daily travels, our daily travail,

and we catch a glimpse

of what others see.

And this glimpse, more than all of the peering into the mirror and counting wrinkles

and the counting of the scars,

it is this glimpse that makes us feel our age

and we acquiesce.