ruminations on who you are

I learned that beauty is not about physical alignment of features.

More so it is about if you can feel the emanations from someone else’s heart and that you can get your eyebrows singed by being to near the flame

be it a flame which comes from a physically beautiful person or from a body whose physical attributes flaunt convention.

It is not the maleness or the femaleness

but if you can trust that person to look beyond

look through your brand of beauty

and be kind to whatever they find there ~

then you travel in life with them for as much time as you are allotted.

Some will travel alone for a very long time and

others will have many partners.

The most startling bit is that they are a mirror.

And what strikes at you about who they are

is nothing greater or lesser that who you are.

When you can be gracious even when someone is practicing evil arts on your reflection

then you are earning your own evolution.