safety net

I do not love that part of you that 

rages and snarls and stands hard against the injustices.

it forces me to look at them 


and rage along with you when I am wanting to be

drifting in the current

observing and analyzing and counting the days and moments

even in those counted moments are the frames of laughter and sheer glee and an understanding that this glee does not ever mitigate the truth and the hard actions that must follow and the cowardice that I would choose if ever I really had the choice

oh make no mistake

I have made the choice and I have chosen and chosen and chosen to keep my eyes open and my pen flowing and my colors true

and chosen to stand by you with my truth 

for we can never, even as the best of friends 

embody the other’s truth .

we can only witness- and when asked, 

we can make the choice to remain friends even in the dark passage when fear stalks the true and the edges of truth are too hard to ascertain, we abide. 

and in those currents from which,

me in mine and you in yours,

we throw the other a life line, 

it becomes another fiber in the safety net

-switching metaphors here,

in the high wire act of life and 

the way we live it,

we all need that net.