what I learn from knitting

What I learned from knitting

If something is going to bother you every time you look at it, then you would be wiser to unknit and fix it: that in the end, it is worth it.

And that you can fix things in your knitting.

It is very forgiving. It can be undone,

unlike unkind words or actions, or omission.

And the smell of wool can be transporting

and the wonder of its fiber is an amazing gift, almost as if it were designed to be spun into fiber and linked into shapes and

unlike wood or glass constructions, you can undo your stitches, 

you can reknit a sweater or a shawl or sock or mitten 

without solder or nails, or scars.

And there is always more to learn and fill your mind with wonder and amazement

to follow the maze and learn the sequence and find the prize

of beauty and grace and elegance.

and of utility of 

the humble twist

and sometimes love ~

a glimpse of the expansion of creation laid out right here on your lap

And the grace of good tools, the wisdom not to waste my precious time and energy  on inadequate or even inelegant tools. Beauty of tools is worth attaining. It adds dignity to the process.

And membership

fellowship with the sailors on moonlit nights knitting knots and nets and realizing they were more than useful

they were also beautiful and

crones and tantes gathered round the stove dreaming of the next delicate lace they would knit as soon they darned another sock.


and shepherds in the fields where they lay-

belonging is what wars are fought about

kingdoms countries realms

places to belong.

when you knit you belong to a greater society

and that one stitch after another after another

and patience and marriage to persistence and perfection 

can yield great monuments of cloth 

and cloth 

gives shelter

and cloth gives beauty 

and these things,

not war and poverty and oppression, 

are the foundation of civilization

the hallmarks of our race

the human race

to which all of us already belong.