word of the day is measure 1/11

word of the day is measure

there are many things to count 

and weigh and sort and tally

units of measure can be drafted and drawn and drifted on a chart

visualized and color coded and valued and redrawn and reframed 

and marginalized and massed

you can count up things and count on things and recount things and even counter things 

and there is an underlying belief that all things can be enumerated and weighted and bartered and assigned

valued and deflated and scatter charted and indicated and collected and hoarded and saved and preserved and allocated and divided and added and projected 


there are somethings that defy standard methods of measure. beyond scope, counter to widely held notions, they are immeasurable. 

and they shall and should remain so.

one cannot measure chance, weigh prevention, contain happiness or sorrow. 

while you may measure the velocity of water against skin as your fingers trace a path in the water  as they dangle from a white painted row boat on a brilliant still summer day on a deep blue lake, 

you cannot count or capture the ergs of bliss that it brings.