I never got math.

Ever the one to want to know why

I wasn’t satisfied with one plus one equals two

I wanted to know why

and who said

and what is the nature of this truth.

It may have been a matter of trust.

Who are you to tell me that this is irrefutable?

Why should I believe you?

Where is the proof that this information is crucial for my existence in this world and

that I will regret not committing it to memory –

not letting it rent space in my head 

or make a pathway in my synapses


there are so many other things that fill the estuaries in my brain

like the feeling perfectly kneaded dough,

and what colors you mix to make turquoise,

the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore, and

how to ride a bike and how to fall in a sparring match

and how to get up again

and again

and never show the bruises, and

the sound of my children breathing as they sleep,

and somehow the time got filled up –

one plus one plus one.

Not to say there was not room for both,

but it was never that important to me and I

never felt deficient and I learned to use calculators and then computers and not once

was I asked to add up a long column of numbers in real life,

well only once in an interview for a bank teller job, but lets be real, 

I was never cut out to be a bank teller.